Pay What You Can Scholarships


"And you have promised Me, over and over again, that should you be caused to know, you would spend the rest of your life—every waking moment—sharing Eternal Truth with others... not out of a need to gain glory, but out of your heart’s deepest desire to end the pain and suffering of others; to bring joy and gladness, and help and healing; to reconnect others with the sense of partnership with God you have always experienced."

- Conversations With God, book 1 (page 144)


It is from this statement that we are inspired to offer the 'Pay What You Can' Scholarships. It is our intention to make these services available to anyone who desires them by giving people the opportunity to access our wonderful CWG community at little to no cost.


With that, we ask that you check your heart to affirm that you are indeed one for whom these offers were intended. When we created the price point for CWG Connect we looked at similar programs currently in the market place. Based on those assessments and all of the features we were including, our service could easily sell in the $20 per month price range… but this is not about making as much money as possible. For us, it is about making it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, while keeping it sustainable. We feel the $12 per month price tag achieves this.


  • If you are interested in CWG Connect but cannot afford it at the full price, we would like to offer you a 50% discount. Signup below and for $6 per month, this service is yours.